Best Free and Premium Graphic Design Software

Are you confused about which Graphic Design software you should be using?

Being able to create an artistic graphic design or manipulating an image to represent your brand is exciting and fun. However, in order to display your imagination and creativity, you must have the right tools. A few years ago, creative designers had to spend a substantial budget on graphic design software. Not anymore. Today designers are lost for choice. It does not matter whether you are looking for high-end software or free to use software, the options are endless. In this article, I have identified some of the best free to use and premium graphic design software currently available. These offer powerful features and tools to help you easily complete even some of the most difficult design tasks.


GIMP is one of the most popular open-source free graphics software that is used across all UNIX-based platforms. It is considered the best alternative to Photoshop with the main difference being that of the interface. For people with Photoshop experience, GIMP is the best alternative as it has the same feel and looks. In fact, it offers everything Photoshop offers from painting tools to color correction, cloning, enhancement, and selection. For people without previous design experience, the software is easy to use. Furthermore, it does not have compatibility issues, making it ideal for those looking to manipulate images in different file formats.

2. Inkscape

Inkscape is a popular free graphic design program that can be used by both experienced and starter designers. It is considered the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The software uses SVG as the primary image format. It has a number of useful features and tools not always available in other programs such as alpha blending, markers, and cloned objects among other SVG integration and support features. Like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape has full support for different color schemes, which makes it the best free alternative for web design and print. In fact, Inkscape has a simpler interface than Illustrator and capability to complete extremely sophisticated designs. The software also has the ability to trace bitmap images as well as support for native Illustrator files import and variable width strokes.

3. Gravit Designer

If you are looking for perfect free graphic design program that would let you do almost any graphic job easily, you should consider the Gravit Designer. It is a full-featured vector design program that is ideal for all manner of graphics jobs from creating presentations to animation, illustration, screen and icon designs. Gravit has an intuitive, clean interface that adjusts itself depending on your needs. It also contains a number of useful tools and features that let you easily create detailed, imaginary vector images. Some of the tools you will find useful include a knife tool, non-destructive Booleans, multiple fills, path graphs and a powerful text engine. With Gravit designer, you will have an option to export your artwork as a PDF, SVG or bitmap or even safe in the cloud.

4. Vectr

If you are looking for a free graphic software that offers a web-based platform as well as a stand-alone desktop app, you should consider Vectr. It is popular for creating 2D vector graphics and comes with a host of features that include shadows, filters, and fonts. This makes it perfect for day-to-day design tasks. The software is unique in that it offers live collaboration and synchronization options that allow designers to hook up with other designers to design in tandem. Vectr is available for different platforms that include Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux as well as online.

5. Photoshop

Photoshop has made photo editing very interesting. Most of the images that have gone viral in social media are results of Photoshop editing. Photoshop is the most popular premium graphic design software that allows anyone to create exceptional images. It is commonly used to combine multiple images or remove unwanted objects from the initial image. The software offers several editing tools and features that range from channel mixing to perspective correction and clone stamp tool. The software also has plenty of simple options, making it ideal for beginners such as cropping, flipping, rotating, straightening, auto fix, blemish removal, one-touch filter and image rendering.

6. Adobe Illustrator

If you are looking to create sketches, icons, typography, and logos using vector art, look no further than Adobe Illustrator. Whether you are looking to create simple or complex illustrations, Illustrator offers perfect pixel shapes that make creating artwork seamless. The software also comes with plugins that help designers to create brilliant looking web pages.

Choosing the Right Graphic Design Software

Choosing the right graphic design software is a matter of preference and skills. If you don’t have a large budget you should consider the free to use software. However, if you are looking for software that would help you handle professional tasks seamlessly, consider the premium options. Usually the premium options have the most features and the ability to access online support if you need it.